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Fire Bill Moos


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crazy funny. stop trying to teach men to squawt to pee. remove all titles. just make it punishable to treat humans poorly and move on


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Seriously. Women’s hockey would be a money pit. Any money men’s hockey would make would be lost plus some by having to field a woman’s team.

Nebraska already has a D1 men’s hockey team up the road. Support that.
I'm not sure mens hockey would even pay for itself, at least early on.
Sorry Jon.... at this point in time Bill walks on water, the man just hired the 2 most significant coaches we've had in the last 30 years. He could murder the Governors wife and we'd give him probation, the dude is literally Teflon at this point.
I've never met the governor's wife, but if Moos kills her, I'm going to have to assume that it was self-defense.


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It has been discussed for years, kind of thought I didn't need the sarcasm thingy but I guess I was wrong. Still waiting for Pops to chime in, he would be on my side.
I was thinking Pops liked the Ice Capades, he had a thing for Dorothy Hamill, liked her haircut.:cool:
Pretty sure Pops is always talking about curling, and waxing his ice.


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From the linked article: https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/husker-a-d-bill-moos-talks-stadium-expansion-improvement-and/article_b56b03e5-c1dc-5a31-a5cc-a4a0e4108f0f.html

» Moos said he doesn't plan on adding a hockey team, for multiple reasons. The main one, he said, is Title IX obligations.

If there was ever a reason to can an AD I think the above, in red, is more than enough reason.

Whose with me? Can someone start one of them, online petition thingys.
Why not add womens hockey at the same time?


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Bringing up the tittle nine thing is a cop out.

Other big ten teams have hockey. And hockey does well for them!