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Final Ranking - NU 6th


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3 Wisconsin
6. Huskers
7. Purdue
9. Minnesota
10. Ohio State
12. Penn State

half the top 12 are B1G schools, meaning it is still the strongest conference. But SEC and Big 12 having fall and spring seasons this year gave Texas and Kentucky an advantage over Big 10 and PAC 12 who didn’t get match tough the same way.


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Stupid rankings. We should be #4 or even #3. The pollsters apparently placed final four appearance above all. Stupid NCAA seeding. Should have never had us, Wisconsin, and texass in the same quadrant.

Had no clue who won it all. #6 is about right
I thought we played much tougher against Texas than Wisky. Just saying!!

Here is is:

1Kentucky (60)150024-12

The rest of the final standings:

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Great year for the Huskers! It was hard, not being able to play more games in what was already a short season, thanks to the covid; especially, not playing Wisky, at all.

In any case, if you don't finish 1st, no use harping on the rest of standings.

Congrats, ladies, once more, for a wonderful year. You played your hearts out and represented UNL in the usual and excellent manner. Good luck next year.