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Fan transfer portal


Junior Varsity
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If there were a fan transfer portal..and you transferred where would you go?
I believe I’d end up at Iowa State..how about you?


Red Shirt
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I'll never quit being a Husker fan but I am rapidly becoming less and less a fan of college football. I only watch NFL if I want to take a nap. That's becoming more true for the collegiate version.
Totally agree.With this nil stuff and transfer portal,it isn’t amateur anymore.Agents chasing the players,and kids looking for the quick buck. I am concerned that individuals might care more about their own stats than the team.Not a big NFL fan.Jmo.Keep the faith.GBR.

Stride Husker

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Is this a statement on how soft fans are today? At the first signs of adversity, we start looking around. Well, not this guy! I’m in for the long haul come what may… and I have a feeling so is Yuengling. After all, he rocks the vintage Jeff Kinney #35 for crying out loud. That’s no fair weather fan!!


Put Me In Coach
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When the time comes, the portal to Husker Heaven?
Oldie but a goodie:
After a well lived long life, a Nebraskan passes through the pearly gates. He sees an older man in white flowing robes, and a white hat with a red block N. He asks St. Peter: "is that Bob Devaney, does he think he is god or something?". St. Peter answers: "no, that is God, he thinks he's Bob Devaney."
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