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Fall Practice Thread (8/5/17) 86 Play Scrimmage: Photos and Video Added of Coach Riley Presser

Red Reign

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Day Seven of Fall Camp

10:45 a.m. start. Coach Riley available following practice



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I remember Wilbon made a jump cut to score, in last year's spring game I believe, that made my eyes light up. It was only about a 3 or 4 yard run, but the cut he made was elite-level stuff. I really hope he does have the mental side of the game down, because he has the athleticism to literally run around people.

My biggest concern offensively going into the year is the lack of a solidified stud or pair of studs at I Back. A 2 man rotation is ok imho, but more than that and you start to inhibit their ability to find a rhythm. We need 1 or 2 guys to seperate themselves.
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Reporters starting to tweet about Riley comments - Sam McKewon reported no injuries came out of the practice.