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Fall Practice/Scrimmage (8/16/19) Coach Frost Post Practice Video Presser Added

Really no different then a number of teams I've seen reporting starting players lost for the season. It's part of the game and why there are 125 players on an active roster. It's unfortunate to lose anyone before the first game or season but it's unavoidable imo. It's an opportunity for other kids to step up.....

I wish CG the best and hope he returns 100% for next season...........
Does he petition for a sixth year or call it a career?

Getting a 6th year is almost a no-brainer but both starting OT's are likely to return next year plus a bunch of guys jump over him on the depth chart. The O-Line fraternity is pretty tight!
Perhaps you didn't mean it this way, but I never considered Meredith a "flash and dash" guy. I thought of him as a guy who moved where he didn't belong his senior year to help the team because there was no one else.
You know what I meant. We have not had quality line play for years.


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