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Fall Camp 2022 Practice Thread: 15 Practices: Sunday 13 August Scrimmage (Last Day Of Fall Camp)


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I feel cheated as my every 2 yr. Husker game in Evanston turned into 4 years. Damn Irish- ah but i did make that trip to South Bend so i give my Huskers a Mulligan-pun intended.
Dude, you have so many options living in CHI Town that are a short drive, coming from someone living in Oklahoma City. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Realize you are talking about Husker vs. Wildcat matches too, but looking at the opps to see the Huskers play.
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Embed of that video RR posted a little earlier

I think this was a pretty telling interview as far as Coach Dawson and what he is bringing. Seems like the defensive front has really bought in and that is good to see. I had my doubts about Dawson being able to pull this off but this video is encouraging. Hope things come to fruition along the front with more aggression while still being gap sound
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