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Fair question. Who has confidence Frost can turn this around?


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becomes a laughing stock and punching bag?
Part of it is losing. Part of it is a gigantic comeuppance. And part of it is our own damn fault.

But part of it is that Nebraska uses common sense most of the time and is not afraid to stand up and say it’s piece.

And in today’s cancel culture environment just how dare anyone have an opposite opinion to what the media is telling us is correct and the only way we should think of something.

Here’s a fact that the media just absolutely won’t face. All the big names with all their Twitter Facebook and social media prowess.

If Nebraska doesn’t raise hell back in September......The Big Ten wouldn’t be playing football right now or would have some bastardized six game go nowhere schedule like the Pac 12.....And maybe not even that.

Or maybe they do recognize it and they are still pissed about it. I mean how dare Nebraska have an alternate opinion.

And it’s country wide. This idea that you cannot politely disagree with something just astounds me.
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I think they need to fire Ferentz, Hairball and the PSU coach, how dare they? ;)
I do wonder how long Hairball lasts. They're even more self absorbed than we are and he's currently in a ditch, on fire.

Ferentz would have to pull a 'Sandusky' on Iowa City TV to get gassed and Penn State fans seem to be aware that 2020 is a different animal. Granted, he can't do this again next year, but you get the idea.


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Seriously what gives any idea that this system will work. HCSF is life support because his offense it high school like and lacks P5 sophistication. We are imploding and not exploding. I would like to see a real ray of hope because so far this is a 10-21 effort with no signs of change.


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I think he can and will.

I know many here don't agree with this stance, but I consider this a mulligan season. How different does 2020 look with our original schedule? How many of the kinks we're still seeing with the kids playing significant roles and minutes would be worked out by now and would this team be hovering around .500 today? It's hard to say. I do think it would certainly look different.

What has to happen first in the 'Turn it around' arena is just winning football games. He does that and we can start looking at the improvement required to contend for Division titles and beyond.

The program was not in good shape when he got here and his scorched earth roster management style with a portion of the existing roster and his own classes of recruits is puzzling and hasn't helped. I get wanting the kids to buy in and do things the right way, but you have to be consistent in the enforcement of your rules and culture.

If Frost is only given through the end of next year to do what he has to do to win, it's 50/50. I'm fine with trending in the right direction and no, for the record if 2020 wasn't vastly altered by Covid, this wouldn't be 'trending in the right direction'.

It's time for improvement that results in wins. It needs to start next year, or if he wants to get a head start on it, why not finish off this year strong?
This is how I feel.


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I do.

He definitely needs to improve in game mgmt and personnel mgmt. Right now he gets a F for both.

Recruiting looks much better.

He needs to an identity that fuses his offense to his defense. In 2018-19 his defense failed his offense. This year it is the exact opposite. But he gets a semi pass from me here. Freshmen at RB, sometimes QB, WR and OL.

I hate to say it. He needs to re-consider his offense. Where is the Husker power he promised in marriage to Oregon speed.

If we go 1-6, Austin needs to be shown the door. Frost needs to relinquish play calling. He needs a hammer at RB. And to be honest take a chance like Ped St did with a big QB. When we are going 3 and out, simplify the offense and go straight power.

If we fire him this year, our program is set back another 3 years. Minimum. And no coach worth his salt comes here. Period.

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Unfortunately with the money left on his contract anyone thinking hes only gonna be here through 2021 is wrong. Id say at minimum after 2022.

The product on the field is one thing. At this point im more worried about whats going on in the locker room.