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Experts! John Bivens


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Is it possible he doesn't go the juco route and just keeps rehabbing his knee for the next year? If I remember right, didn't Braylon Heard do this?
Did not sign with anyone

School of thought is he will go JUCO and have to prove his knee can hold up. Since he is fully qualified he can leave after one year and transfer to any four year school
can he also do the prep-school route and reclassify into next year's class? thought I heard that was an option for him

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I didn't mean a final roster.. just a invite to camp. I managed to find this again -- it looks like Cleveland and Pittsburgh took a look at him, but he never played a down and likely got cut early.


kid had some skills. I have absolutely no idea why he would have left early though!
Bad advice or ignoring what he was told about his draft prospects I would assume. It happens. More than likely left for the money