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A national selection committee comprised of 17 sports journalists and former NFL stars votes for the Hornung Award winner, with YOUR fan vote comprising the 18th vote.

So if Wan'Dale wins the vote, he gets at least 1/18th of the total votes.

Gotta remember that these post-season accolades are usually a popularity contest for a good-ish player on one of the best teams. If we were sitting at 8-9 wins, he'd have a shot but the reality is that most of these journalists haven't watched a single minute of Nebraska football this year, and thus, haven't seen any of Wan'Dale's accomplishments. From a technical standpoint, he's absolutely electric and one of the few bright spots on a lackluster Husker squad.

But yeah, it'll go to some backup WR at Alabama who returned like 2 kicks.


I looked at the four finalists. LSU kid has the inside track simply because LSU. Your team gets minutes on the national stage, you get eyeballs on your body of work.
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And just that quickly Wan'dale goes from 20% of the vote and in last to 2nd with almost 26% of the vote!


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Here's a closer look at their numbers. Category leader is highlighted in red.

You can basically make a case for everyone except Wan'Dale. Really, the only thing he has going in his favor here is that he's a freshman competing against juniors and seniors. Still, the future is obviously bright for him.

If you're looking at total versatility, Lynn Bowden gets my vote simply because he's got decent stats as a runner, receiver, passer AND return man. He's the only guy with passing stats and his numbers are decent. Otherwise, Clyde Edwards-Helaire looks to be more of a true threat at RB who can catch the ball, while Joe Reed is much more evenly balanced and has better return numbers, including being the only guy who's scored on Special Teams.