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ESPN Bracket Projection

Red Don

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Charlie Creme has Iowa as a 6 seed, Nebraska out of the tourney. Minnesota as a 9 seed, Nebraska out of the tourney. Michigan as an 8 seed (and did I mention Nebraska out of the tourney). Man, what a frustrating year it will have been if both the men's and women's teams play SO WELL in one of those best conferences in the country and get shut out of the NCAA Tournament, and in the women's case, while teams Nebraska beat get in.
and not only Beat, but Beat Soundly; Some TWICE!

Rutgers: 52-42
Iowa: Swept. 74-65; 92-74
Michigan: Split. 5 pt. OT Loss; 61-54 in the B1G Semi-final
Minnesota: 79-74

I really don't see how the committee can justify leaving the Huskers Out.
10 Consecutive ROAD Wins.
Finished Third in the B1G
Made it to the Semi-finals in the Conference Tournament.

(I hope Bill Moos is keeping the phone wires as hot as the Husker Team)


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Rutgers or Nebraska decision is a great example for the question == is it better to play tough teams and lose or is it more important to win games?

In the ESPN guys mind, the Rutgers 15 SoS rank apparently outweighs Nebraska's 4 game cushion in the conference race. Note that Indiana has a better SoS than Rutgers and a better conference record.

Yet, the Hoosiers are behind both Rutgers and Nebraska in Charlie Creme's bracket selection.

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Cornhuskers a No. 9 seed?

1h Charlie Creme
Bracketology: Don't count out the Cornhuskers
The NCAA committee revealed the final eight teams being considered for the last four spots in the bracket. Nebraska didn't make the list. So what does that mean for the rest of the bubble? Charlie Creme lists Minnesota, Rutgers, Buffalo and Creighton as the "last four in." And the Cornhuskers are a No. 9 seed.
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Cornhuskers a No. 9 seed?


Man, the guy has mostly on the bubble "out" for the last month, finally begrudgingly puts us "in" after South Dakota State wins their tournament (instead of being an at-large ahead of us), finds out that we are not in the "last four in" or "last four out" from the NCAA, bumps us all the way to a 9 to play Louisville in Round 2 if we even win. We land as a "10"...