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ESPN article


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Lot of reasons to like Mikaela and Kenzie, of course, but it might be easy to overlook that they did the huskers a major solid for the future by stepping up and transmitting the culture to an otherwise young team this year.

Not unlike what some seniors did on the football team, though there the starting point was ashes. But then those seniors also didn't get to taste all the fruit their efforts might end up helping bring about, eventually.

Proud of all these young people building something I can sit in my easy chair and cheer for. gbr!
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Thanks for posting the article. Congrats are well earned for this Huskers squad, especially our 2 seniors.....
That Nebraska, the nation's top defensive team, brings a 12-match winning streak to the final four in Minneapolis and hasn't lost since Oct. 27 says as much about the example set by Foecke and Maloney as anything. Over the past four seasons, the Huskers are 51-2 in November and December with them in the lineup.