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Empty Seats & Leaving Early


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Jeez, Nick Saban can be a female dog. I doubt many students miss or leave incredibly early during SEC games, but if Nick is so concerned about students leaving, maybe he should try scheduling some better non-conference home games. This season, it's New Mexico State, Southern Miss and West Carolina. Last season it was Arkansas State, La-Lafayette and the Citadel. Plus, it's freaking hot in Alabama during September afternoon games. Also, how will the school track when students leave? That seems like a really difficult thing to do and prove, unless students have to scan their ID to leave the stadium.


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Leave early and forgo participating in that wonderful, life-affirming SEC SEC SEC chant at the end of the game? If I'm a student, I am NOT missing that.

Elwood von Kiowa

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I think they (we, NU) should hand out $20 bills to everyone as they are exiting the gates - starting 2 minutes after game time expires.


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Geez, people do have lives beyond attending college sporting events. I remember a home game in 2012 when I had to leave early because my friend got heat stroke and had to leave via ambulance. If I had been docked points I would have lost my you-know-what. I thought red states were more into personal freedom than this, guess that stereotype is wrong. What a BS move if it happens.


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An extremely stupid idea imo. Might have some students simply don't show up for some games to avoid being penalized? People want to leave they can leave... it's not the freaken Gulag.. well perhaps with Little Nick it's close!


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While I'm not convinced a reward system is a good idea, I do think the concerns with student attendance at games is everywhere -- not just Alabama. We've discussed this several times previously -- both with Nebraska and at a national level. Ticket sales, no shows, and leaving early are all not what they once were -- and probably never will be again.