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Dylan Talley

Rainbow Dash

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Wow, that’s awful. I was actually just thinking about him the other day and how he was an underrated player here. Thanks for sharing.

Someone named Fred Hoiberg just donated $500.


Husker Geek
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I can't imagine having to perform CPR on 3 generations of relatives, let alone in the house that you live. So much grief, I hope his friends and family can come together. So much grief.

Red Don

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Here is an update:

  • May 23, 2020 by Dylan Talley, Organizer
    Dylan and I want to thank everyone! During this pandemic, we know it is a difficult time for everyone but yet to see the amount of generosity has been unbelievable. Again, we are so appreciative. We are in the process of using some of the money for the funeral on Tuesday. After that, we will be addressing other expenses. Thanks again to all who donated!

    Marc Hsu