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Dylan Jorgensen is N


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Cool, but I don't think he'll ever get to use a running start for a FG in a game.
Looks like a normal approach. He's controlled when he stops, he would have been carried forward by momentum if he had been running. Just my opinion on the video.
I don't think that distance for a decent kicker, with a stand and no bodies in front of him, is that crazy. If he did that with a holder and some 7-foot brooms or something in front of him, now that would be very impressive. We also don't know how far it went through the goalposts.


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Tough crowd. I thought it looked like a solid effort. His ball got up pretty quick, didn’t have a ton of left or right movement, and he looked smooth and I strained. Overall, not a bad looking kicker.


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Just want to say first of all that I am not pickering on Pickering....it's just as of late his kickering has many of us snickering at his kickering.......

Just sayin'
Sure hope you are kidding. Kid helped win the Michigan State game and was just a freshman this last year.

Edit, didn't see it was an old post. I"m sure the kid has changed your opinion.
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