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DT Darrion Daniels


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Hard to imagine a Jason Peter or Grant Wistrom sitting out most of a season for a broken pinky.


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Hard to imagine a Jason Peter or Grant Wistrom sitting out most of a season for a broken pinky.
It depends on how bad it was broken. DL have to use their hands in a lot of ways. If it greatly affected his grip on that hand and he had a redshirt left. Why wouldn't he?
beeeecause he's a tough guy playing a tough sport?

Edit: does sound like he's got leadership skills. https://newsok.com/article/5614299/osu-football-even-while-injured-darrion-daniels-providing-value-to-cowboys?

Just seems incongruous to me for a lineman to sit with a broken pinky, but oh well. As long as he didn't lay on the field with it for 10 minutes...:rolleyes:
It depends on the kind of break that it is. If you remember the Ronnie Lott story where he had his finger tip amputated, he was told that he couldn't play with his broken finger because they would have to insert pins into it to stabilize it, and he wouldn't be able to have contact with his hand ... so he asked them to chop it off. While this is legendary toughness, and while I thought that that was the ideal when I was young and dumb, I now think of that whenever I see Ronnie Lott as a retired football player. Does he ever miss having that finger tip?

It's a different scenario, regardless. Lott was a professional, and it was both his job and his passion, and doing what he did almost certainly enhanced his marketability. For Daniels, hopefully football is his passion, but neither of the other two would be true. He could have destroyed his finger and his future earning potential to play on a .500 team. What would you do?


Unless Chuck Norris is a secret poster on this board I would guess that anyone who has started 2 years of D1 football on the defensive line could teach anyone of us on here a thing or two about toughness. I am sure it had something to do with ability to do your job or risking permanent injury to the rest of the hand.
This seems like a really big deal to me. We definitely added some future talent to the D-line this recruiting cycle. But, that talent might be a year or two away from being ready to contribute. This dude is ready to go - and could even help elevate his brother's play. So, it's a short term solution for a short-term problem.


Walt Garrison was one of my favorite players. Always good to have cowboys on your team, they are generally very tough guys.