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Good news is we will get an official visit from him this fall game to TBD.....:) Would be a nice pick-up if we can land his commitment...he visited the Nebraska practices in Decmeber at the Holiday Bowl and met Suh among others so that may have helped a bit...with the list of offers he has, to get one of his official visits is a real coup....

San Diego, CA
Point Loma HS
269 lbs
Visit Date: TBD
Scholarships: Arizona, Arizona St., Arkansas, Boise State, California, Colorado St., Miami, Nebraska, Oklahoma St., Oregon, Oregon St., Stanford, San Diego St., USC Utah, UCLA, Washington, Washington St.

Rivals 4**** 5.8
Rivals.com Rivals250 2011 (165)
Rivals.com defensive tackles 2011 (16)
Rivals.com California Preseason Top 100 2011 (21)

Scout 4****
ESPN 4****

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An article from from two days ago 21 August....


Point Loma High's Christian Heyward comes from a family of athletes.
Christian Heyward is not your garden-variety, beefy high school lineman.

For a 275-pound tackle, the Point Loma High senior is exceptionally quick, agile and mobile. Once the football is snapped, he seems to explode across the line of scrimmage.

Athletically gifted, the 6-foot-3 senior also plays varsity basketball, offering an inside scoring touch and ample vertical leap to crash the boards and even dunk on occasion.

It’s an attention-grabbing combination that’s prompted strong interest from college football recruiters. The list of suitors courting Heyward includes every Pac-10 school except Stanford, plus such notables as Miami, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Nebraska.

“Because of his athleticism and quickness, there’s a lot of upside with Christian,” said Pointers coach Mike Hastings. “Right now, he’s enjoying the high school experience. So, he’s just starting to tap into his ability, learning how to use his talent and his body. In college, where he will be more full-time into what he’s doing, he’s only going to get bigger, faster and stronger.”

There’s certainly an athletic legacy in the Heyward lineage. Christian’s dad, Walter, played basketball at Point Loma Nazarene University, and his cousin, Jason Heyward, is the Atlanta Braves standout rookie right fielder. His uncle, Kenny Washington, played basketball at UCLA, scoring 26 points in the Bruins’ 98-83 win over Duke in the 1964 NCAA title game. Another cousin, Simone Heyward, is a pitcher on the LSU women’s softball team.

An All-Western League first-team selection on defense last season when the Pointers rode a six-game winning streak into the San Diego Section Division III final (a 20-14 loss to Cathedral Catholic), Heyward is scheduled for additional duty as a tight end this season.

“I’m comfortable there and want to contribute on offense, too,” said Heyward, who’s ranked as the nation’s 18th best prep defensive tackle by one Internet recruiting service. “My personal goals are to stay healthy and have a good final season. We did what we could to win last year, but it was a game where the team that had the ball last would win. The team goal is to get back in the final and win.”
Much more here:

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More Video:

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