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Don't look now but

Red Don

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Seven and Eight teams, respectively, of the Beg Ten are in the Top 25! :eek: (but Iowa may not be for long, they were just handled by Michigan State, 90-68!


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About time... time to break my heart and punch my guts out.
You called it.

NU was getting national respect prior to TTech, and got crushed. NU was again getting national respect prior to Minn, and choked.


Husker Geek
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Amir Coffee has always been an impressive player to me. But he's not better than JPJ or Copeland. I think Roby and Copeland were standing around wondering what they could do at the end of that game besides getting fouls on made shots. I don't think it is that they aren't tough, I just don't think they particularly know how to win.


Travel Squad
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IMO, this is the "make or break" year for Miles.....he loses real good players after this year and I expect them to dip even more next year.......he better do something this year or I feel he is gone after next year.