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Does a potential 2-2 start affect recruiting? Does Coleman go somewhere else? Do we get de-commits?

It was abundantly clear that this was a make-or-break year for this staff. If they recruited you, you’re thinking the people you built relationships with have no chance of being there when you land after continuing their losing ways. I wonder who hits the transfer portal first?
I think the deal is sealed. That buy-out gets cut in half on October 1st (or something close).

The Defense is truly concerning. Next week will be closer than anyone in Nebraska wants. Char will be on fire after next weekend.
Yes, there will be de-commits. And Coleman will almost assuredly announce for someone other than Nebraska in October, unless Joseph is named permanent replacement head coach (which is unlikely).
All. - this isn't the forum for this, but it is so hard to see. I feel for all of us, we want success. Unreal to see such a scene. So many watching today. I hope we can make the "adjustment" we now need. My network of fans are really really really grinding this. I'll shut up now
We have top 25 classes not playing near that level right now.

If the trigger is pulled OCT 1, the problem is you will not be putting a new coach in place until December anyway unless it is someone who is not currently coaching.

That makes it difficult to save this class either way if this level of play continues.
Mickey will take over as interim HC and will be coaching the rest of the season on a too be seen basis. If he does well the job will be his. If not, who knows?
Replace a head coach who’s had 2 years of head coaching experience before coming into power in Nebraska with a coach with zero head coaching experience (Frost and Joseph) would ensure Nebraska is the worst team in the BIG for another decade plus, period. As Nebraska has another legacy player as AD, sadly this scenario is possible. Gotta get heads out of the past and start over clean with fundamentally sound and experienced hires across the board. If not, remaining fans will be begging to be in the Big Sky conference to sniff wins (yes, I saw their epoch and appropriate tweet, I am riffing off of that.)

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. GBR