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Did You Know?


Husker Immortal
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It would be more proper to ask, "What is the mass of planet Earth?"1 The quick answer to that is approximately 6,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000 (6 x 1024) kilograms.

Approximately? Can't you give us a more accurate number? :rolfl: Just kidding ;)


Just do the right thing damnit!
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The drought was officially declared over in June and it's already back to extreme level a month later.


All American
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Did you know the Café is still on Vacation? I wish this wasn't the case. Perhaps there should be a "members only" section where "only" paid members of HM can get into and be allowd to pretty much get after it without strict oversight. Call it "The "Man Cave". You know what they say: "What happens in The Man Cave, stays in "The Man Cave"!