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DH - Neb vs Tx A&M-CC & Abilene Christian - 4-1-23 - Sat. -1pm & Approx. 45 Min. after Game 1 - Crutcher Scott Field | Abilene, Tx.

OK stilll time that’s what we needed. I doubt they leave that guy in.

Now defend here and go into the eighth and tie it up and get ahead.
Jake will face the power on this team!!!

ball 1; down
lh vs lhp
pop up left side
0-1 to Ladusau

strike 2 on outer half
fast ball
0-2 count

strike 3 called!!!
painted it on the outside
said, take the paint brush out!! ;)
glaring at the ump!! :)
Britt fouls off 1st pitch
issues behind hp

bounces up 2 in a row!
2-0 count

outside; barely
3-0 count
Britt is 0for3

in for strike 1
3-1 count

Tatrow ab
2 run dbl
in 3rd inning

fouled back
big hack!!!
going for the downs!!
0-1 count

nasty slider!!
0-2 count


3 up and 3 down!

end of 7 full

Who was the Yankee second baseman who was so good later became a coach.?

I forget the guys name, but he went through a spell where he could not make the throw to first to save his soul.
I remember him!! His name escapes me!! Yes, once it is in your head, it can stay there and halt your career!! Give me time. :)
Everett ab

Efry and Cole on deck

single last ab

hit to rt fld....and it is caught, banging into the wall!! Totally robbed; snow coned the ball!! :(

With baseball it’s always whack-a-mole.

It’s hard to get everything to align all together

Pitching hitting, and fielding. And just when you get comfortable with one element, a different element goes to heck in a handbasket lol.

Today it was our fielding

up to Cole
here in the 8th

single in 5th

high, ball 1

Did he say, Adlai Stevenson? LOL I'm delirious!! ;)

1-1 count
1-2 now
for Cole

just misses
2-2 count
C held it for a moment
did not matter!! :)

full count!!
keep it going!
s/m for strike 3 :)

btm of 8th
coming up