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DH - Neb vs Tx A&M-CC & Abilene Christian - 4-1-23 - Sat. -1pm & Approx. 45 Min. after Game 1 - Crutcher Scott Field | Abilene, Tx.

Casey ab
robbed of a double
by an ump who fell asleep
behind the plate!

1-2 count
fouled back
Who was the Yankee second baseman who was so good later became a coach.?

I forget the guys name, but he went through a spell where he could not make the throw to first to save his soul.
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in the dirt
to the backstop
2-2 count

hang in there, Casey!!

fouled into mitt!
for Stevenson!!
As I said, John, this guy is a baller!!
1 out!

Brice ab
0-1 on foul ball

fouled off, right of plate
0-2 quickly!!

high; fast ball
1-2 count
transfer from Wichita St

get thru the rt side!!
2 hits for him
Carey ab
bunt of rh hitters coming

hit hard fld
makes the catch
hit hard, but right at the fielder!

2 down
Max ab
hit it out!!!!

brk ball low
1-0 count

rbi single in 3rd

fouled back near Ben
and Greg
1-1 count

hr in 1st game for Max

fouled off to the rt side
1-2 count

He is ahead of everyone
he faces!!

2-2 count

hit to rt fld
to the track..................HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-3!!!!!!!!!!!!! :Corn2: :Corn2: :Corn2:
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Gabe ab
hit foul
0-1 count

lays off/chk swing
1-1 count
no appeal??
7-6, we are out hitting
them...but more errors!!!

above he belt
2-1 count

down and away!!
3-1 count!!

10 1/3 scoreless innings for
Stevenson is broken

Ball 4 !!

Ben is the tying run, folks!!

way outside
slider is head high!
1-0 count
Demco, P coach is out on the
1-0 count

2-0 count!!

Husker dugout
is alive!!

strike; fast ball
2-1 count

big s/m!
fast ball
2-2 count



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