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Deion Sanders to...


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I believe Dion wants to stay where he is he’s always going to be in the news as a successful coach as long as he’s a big fish in a small pond. I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins to schedule some Power 5 opponents using TV to build a Boise State type brand. He’s recruiting well and winning easily that’s not going to be the case at a Power 5 school.


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The report also says Deion might look at South Florida. If I were him, I'd consider taking a job like USF in the talent-rich south. He pulled the #1 recruit in the country to a FCS HBCU, over schools like Florida, FSU, etc.

At a school like USF, Deion could make a Cinderella run (like Frost at UCF) literally on an annual basis.

The only negative, IMO, is the changing tide of NCAA / NIL / Expansion, and Deion getting left with a team NOT in the new B1G+SEC Super League. That's a minor consideration, though, as a coach could easily take a job in a new league just like current coaches bounce between FCS, FBS, and the NFL. If I were Deion, I'd go with the "big fish, small pond" model as long as possible.


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Supposedly there maybe issues with him ever taking a p5 job due issues around the private school he tried to build. It fell apart and left a lot of questions unanswered. This was according a Brett McMurphy tweet a day or two ago.
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