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Degrees of Separation for Husker Fans


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My sister went to high school in McCook with Jeff Kinney. Our parents used to hang out once in a while, or so I was told. I was only 8.
This is unrelated, but every time this name is mentioned my mind goes back to the look on dirty Steve's face in Young Guns.


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When I was in hospital administration, we worked with a marketing firm in the DFW area. My contact there ... somehow we got to talking about college football and I discovered she was Tim Albin's mother-in-law. Tim was on staff at the time. My daughter's high school coach at Amarillo High was Kory Cooper, former AA and national champion volleyball player at Nebraska. Her brother lives a block from me. A good friend of mine, a doctor here, his daughter was a cheerleader at Nebraska. Paul Engler, major benefactor and former regent at UNL, lives here, and is also a major benefactor to my alma mater, West Texas A&M University. I used to work with his new wife. His most recent donation to WTA&M is $1 million per year, in perpetuity. :O O:

Amarillo and the Texas panhandle have a volume of Nebraska connections.
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