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deep fried chicken

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As the Holiday mid-point is here i decided to break out the deep fryer and make Chicken and french fries this weekend. Any favorite recipes out there?
Soak the fries in water for a decent amount of time before cooking.

Fry at a low temp for 10 minutes or so (depends on thickness of fries). Jack the temp to 475-500 and fry again for a minute or so. Double frying is the way to go.

Chicken should be soaked in buttermilk overnight. I prefer a light breading that has spice in it (cayenne typically). I use breakcrumbs over flour. Make them big enough that they'll be juicy but not too big that you have to burn the breading to cook the insides.

Many interesting approaches but i think a pass is in line
No doubt.
I don't have many regrets in life, but one of them might be posting that video. I just googled for something funny to post, and only watched the first 20 seconds before I posted it. Then I watched the whole thing.
:O O: :oops:
It oscillated between funny and disturbing.

I feel traumatized.
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