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Dedoch Chan (has left the Husker's Program)

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No but he played in the public scrimmage last Wednesday. Really bad. Was never going to contribute, missed on both athleticism and skills. Not a miss that hurt us, when we reached on him hoping for another Evan Taylor miracle it would have just been an unused scholarship anyway. Typically not immediately eligible guys laying around in August so it didn't' cost us anyone.

Thanks for that little breakdown. I wasn’t able to get down to that scrimmage, so I really had no idea what to expect from Chan.


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Chan was wearing a knee brace and while he looked like he could jump pretty well, he didn't look like he had the lateral mobility or speed I was expecting. I had hoped he'd be like a Ed Morrow pogo-stick good for 10 minutes, but I guess not. He played with some pretty good players in high school and was better in JUCO. Too bad it didn't work out for either side.
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