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No surprise that game is attracting a ton of recruits....only official visit he has scheduled.....his favorites are Nebraska, Cincinnati, Florida State and Wisconsin...

ESPN Evaluation Teaser:

Hayes is a physically good looking defensive end prospect. He has good length and size and with his frame he should be able to add more bulk and continue to fill out as he physically matures


Cincinnati, OH
Moeller HS
230 lbs
Visit Date: 15 October 2011
Scholarships: Arizona, California, Cincinnati, Duke, Florida St., Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan St., Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Carolina St., Oregon, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Rivals: 3*** 5.7
Rivals.com weakside defensive ends 2011 (17)
Rivals.com Ohio Preseason Top 50 2011 (28)

Scout: 3***
ESPN: 3***

Parts 2-5 of the video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgtB9icSPXs&feature=player_embedded

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Is there ever a limit as to how many we allow to take their official visits on certain dates?

With the amount of players we are expecting I am wondering how much each player is going to get in terms of attention from coaches and staff. There will already be so much going on that week.

Is this to our advantage/disadvantage to have players at this game?

If I am a top 250 recruit I guess I would want to be in attendance of the best games of the year for the various schools recruiting me, however, I just wonder if they sort of get caught in the fray of everything else going on.

Maybe I am wrong does anyone have any additional insight????
Based on what I've seen of him on video, it seems he may be more suited for a outside linebacker spot - seems to be built a little more like Fischer than Meredith - and he is more read-n-react instead of being a hard-charging end. Jmo.
To answer your question, though I do not have first-hand knowledge of what recruits say to our coaches, the BIGGEST selling point Nebraska offers is its gameday atmosphere. So, as it is in any sales job, you sell to your strengths and try to make them as prominent as possible. That would be done at the game everyone has circled since last December.

As far as not getting the attention as if there were fewer high-profile recruits......you're right, they have to spread the wealth. But remember that these coaches have been in contact with these young men for quite some time now, and we basically are just reiterating what we have been telling them since we have begun our conversations with them. To be honest with you, the official visit for the Texas game will be more of an "I told you what it was like to play football here, do you believe us now? You ready to become a rockstar and commit?"

There really is nothing new that will be brought to their attention. Just showing them that we weren't blowing smoke up their bums about things like our training table, student-athlete academic help, gameday attendance, tunnelwalk, etc.
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