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Damian Jackson Transfers To Buffalo

Disappointed he’s leaving … was hoping he’d return as a S&C specialist or something like that.

His leadership, especially in this year of transition, will be missed.

I was predicting he would be hired by the S&C at the end of the semester. I was wrong. :Bananalazy:
Besides a MAC schedule Buffalo plays Maryland, Holy Cross and Coastal Carolina. One P5 school albeit not a traditionally good one. CC was a bowl team last year.
I'll bet he still joins the S&C staff in time.
Would not take that bet. Really hope so, or at least return to the program in some sort of fashion. Think he'll after this year be able to pick and choose what he wants to do and where he want to go, etc. And well deserved.

Really wish he would have stuck around one more year but with going to Buffalo you can tell primarily this was about getting to regularly play.


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