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Dachon Burke - Done > South Alabama


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Well, thanks Dachon. It's not been an easy road for anyone on that team this year, but I appreciate that he kept fighting. I think he can grad transfer if he wants, and that might be what he's working towards. I wish him the best.

Red Don

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While he has not closed the door on returning, he would be a grad transfer and eligible to play immediately at another school that might be a better fit for his skills. At 170 lbs he had difficulty finishing at the rim (as did several others); the Big Ten may not have been the best place for him.

Here are some salient quotes I found elsewhere that I thought worth repeating:

Best wishes to Dachon. Hope he graduates as planned and continues to remember Nebraska fondly. Provided quite a few of the bright spots in this dismal year.
When he got HOT, he was fun to watch. Almost won the game @ Indiana by himself.
a tough road for Burke because the guy who recruited him got fired and all of a sudden he's a dribble-drive player in a non-dribble drive system.
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He's quicker than sin ... Wisconsin couldn't keep in front of him during the game in Madison.


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Was expected.

Coach H. will find a very suitable replacement. I'm expecting a hard nosed high quality addition to the team.


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I liked Dachon's effort when he was engaged, but it seemed like he had to be poked to really go after it.

I wonder if he couldn't have found a better landing place than South Alabama. I wish him the best there.