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D1 Baseball Mailbag Post-Season Nebraska Talk


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Long story short, sounds like everything i've read is that Nebraska controls it's own destiny to get into regionals for the 4th time in 6 years from the B1G. If we win the Michigan series, it's a lock. I don't see us winning that series, so probably need to go 1-2 and win a couple in the B1G tournament to be safe.


Where do you see Nebraska at? Will they get in?
Kendall Rogers: With a 13-8 league record, 38 RPI and a series win over ASU, I like where NU sits right now. I don’t want to speak for Aaron and Mark, but I’d have them in as of right now. We’ll see how that Michigan series goes. Win that series and I think it’s a slam dunk barring a shocking meltdown in the conference tournament.

Bo: With 5 teams within 2.5 games in the Big ten who do you see coming out on top with one weekend left?
Aaron Fitt: I think Michigan’s 1.5-game edge over Indiana will be too much to overcome, particularly because I still believe the Wolverines can go to Nebraska and win that final series. Though that’s obviously no gimme, especially after the Huskers showed some real character by fighting back to win that ASU series after losing the opener.

Pitching Injuries question (feel like it's relevant from our 2018 season):
Randy D: As I hear about pitchers going down every week I have to ask the question.. Are we playing too many games in college baseball? Couldn’t we learn just as much about the teams in a 40 game schedule? I am seeing a lot more two mid week non league games on schedules. In a non profit sport where northern teams already have to start by traveling south does more games make sense? 75% of mid week games are just used to pad records anyway (95% in the SEC, lol). With only 12 scholarships are we doing the players a disservice? Would give ya’ll some more time off too!
Aaron Fitt: I don’t think the number of games has anything to do with the injuries. It’s baseball — pitchers get injured. You see guys handled with kid gloves still go down with TJ, it’s just the nature of pitching, an unnatural movement that puts inherent strain on the arm. That said, I have heard some coaches say they think going down to 52 games would be a good thing for the sport because it’s so hard to build pitching depth with 11.7 scholarships, which makes those 5-game weeks really difficult. Going down to 52 games would basically remove the need to play five games in a week. I’d be fine with 52 games, personally, but 56 games has been a sacred cow for so long that I can’t see the majority of coaches supporting that idea.

Iowa Question:
Matt: Are Iowa’s at-large chances shot at this point, even with a 4-0 week and some work in Omaha? Or would that be enough to get the RPI back to a reasonable number?
Kendall Rogers: Matt — Yeah, losing that Michigan State series at home was an absolute killer. Iowa will now have to win the Maryland series on the road and also do some serious damage in the conference tournament to get into the field. Iowa’s RPI is down to 79 this week. Absolutely brutal.

Baseball America Chat:

Scott (Nebraska):

  • Are the Huskers in or out of the field? Decent non-conference but not that great in conference play.

Teddy Cahill: In