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CWS .... only SEC and ACC teams

Tennesse has 6 hitters with ice in their veins….VERY calm

VERY patient…

they wait for the pitch they can hit….and hit it…that simple.

They were TREMENDOUS last night and the FSU pitching was GOOD!

I will say this….. I thought the Tennessee kid went around on the swing and I bet if the swing is totally analyzed (which the network absolutely avoided doing)….. he went around

Now…as much as I like coach O’Connor at UVA.

Someone please tell me why he had his pitcher pitch to one of the best clutch hitters in college baseball with first base unoccupied and the game on the line.

”Never let the best player beat you.”

Shades of us pitching to that Florida kid when we absolutely did not need to.

Agree on UVA coach and it’s not hindsight. At that moment I was saying what are they doing? You can’t pitch to this kid here.
I went to that game. Saw the UVA game this afternoon.

Surprise gift from my sons…

1. The CWS is an incredible experience! When they say “The Greatest Show on Dirt!,“ they absolutely mean it.

The entire city turns out, Schwab field is absolutely immaculate. The fans are incredible including over half local fans. Restaurants and bars and hotels are just incredibly nice. Really puts a shine on the city of Omaha. I had not been to the World Series since a kid growing up outside of Omaha going to Rosenblatt. Every fan I talk to from other schools not only were incredibly nice but absolutely loved coming to Omaha. I talked to fans from schools that weren’t even there who just love coming to the College World Series.

This experience did not disappoint. What an incredible gift and I just Loved it!

2. Those two knuckleheads were seated about 15 rows in front and it was about to get ugly when the Omaha police quickly grabbed the two and basically pushed them out of the stadium to the absolute applause of everyone, including Texas A&M fans. I’m sure they absolutely wanted to disown those two. The Texas A&M fans I sat beside were absolutely horrified.

3. No one should ever pitch to that Caglione kid from Florida………that simple…. At least in college. He is that good and in person he is even better.

4. The baseball is just superb! And every game rides on a pitch or a play like nothing you are used to. Three walk offs in the first three games and the fourth game was a nailbiter till the last pitch.

5. The game I went to last night didn’t start till 10:17 PM because of weather

This is a picture of the stadium at midnight…..MIDNIGHT! The place was packed. I was absolutely shocked..

What a tremendous experience. If you’ve never been put it on your bucket list, highly, highly recommended!

Oh, and last thing…. After watching the teams, our Huskers are not that far off. We aren’t there for certain, but we are NOT that far off.

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Kentucky went cold at the wrong time and Florida got hot at the right time…

Will be interesting to see if they can beat A&M….Twice…


No idea why the Kentucky coach pitched to Caglione that last at bat….

Maybe they were down so far it didn’t matter…he said to his pitcher…sure…give it a go…

Next thing you saw was another bomb.

BIGGEST mistake Coach Bolt made all season was pitching to that guy when we jumped out with a lead on Florida in the Regionals….and first base unoccupied.

Huge mistake….

May not have mattered in the end….but I think it absolutely did.

the momentum completely shifted after that home run…completely….

The problem with Trev was not really Trev…. And don’t get me wrong. I think he did a good job as our Athletic Director.

It was our hero worship of just another “home town boy” who could do no wrong because…. “he’s one of us!” And “he will stay forever with us and retire here.”

And because we have become so desperate for anything positive from men’s sports at Nebraska for …..well…..kind of a while now… Thank the good Lord for Baseball! Two Big Ten titles in four years just ain’t bad at all!

The warning signs that Trev had plans for a career that only just “included” Nebraska were already there. His ESPN departure, Omaha AD and other jobs….

He did a good job…… sometimes an exceptional job….. then left for something “better”

And you know what…. Tell me that isn’t what most people in America wind up doing.

i’m sad that he left, but I think it’s part of life…. especially in nowadays America where kids just don’t work for the same company very long anymore.

I learned in the army, and am an absolute true believer in ….Next man up!

And I personally think we got an Athletic Director more suited to Nebraskans. A little less flashy, a little less pizzazz, and probably just as effective or even better who will be far more willing to “stick” and give Nebraska continuity then Trev ever was.

Trev has his eyes on being a Big Ten or SEC commissioner…. maybe a “new” NCAA boss...…. maybe something in the professional sports arena….maybe even a politician.

I hope he does well and I hope A&M does well….as long as they’re not playing us!


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