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Curt McKeever On 1620 The Zone


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On this you and I agree HWM. I love TO and revere his image and career, but I'm beginning to wonder if MA has some secret photos of TO in a compromising position that is allowing him to still be the baseball coach.
If anyone doesn't have any compromising photos, it is, for sure, Tom Osborne. Try again, Doc! ;)


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Yep... but sadly, 80-90% of Nebraska fans really don't care about Husker sports outside of football... so they will never have the same opinion as someone like you or me.

I've been a regular, active contributor on both the baseball and basketball forums for quite a few years now (as long as we've had both forums, which we didn't originally). I'm there for almost every game for both sports. I'm expressing my opinions on off-days as well. I truly care about these sports or I wouldn't waste my time here. Tom benefits by the fact that most people truly don't care. A shame for the vocal minority.


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Like with basketball TO is allowing the baseball program to decline to a pathetic state.

I doubt MA will even be able to lead NU to the big 10 title either.

At this point I think we will see an AD change before we see an improvement in BSB or BB at NU....Maybe I should switch to softball in the meantime.:(


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I used to listen to every weekend game on the radio, now I just check the score via HuskerMax. I also used to drive to Lawrence, little Apple and Columbia to support the program since I live in Lees "s Summit, not any more :)