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CSU QB tears ACL again--POB looks to get his shot


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Colorado St's starting QB Collin Hill has torn his ACL for the third time . . . he's done for the year. POB got into the game in relief and sounds like he's been working with the 1's. Probably going to get his chance to take the reigns. Hope he lights it up for the Rams!

Highlights of the CSU/ARKY game. POB starts a little after the 7 min mark after Hill goes down.

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POB was not able to lead the Rams to victory last week, but threw for 405 yards, and interception and a touchdown, also rushed for one. On the last play, POB threw a completion to the 2 yard line as time expired. He got better as the game went. Rams defense sucks.

Article about POB's journey:
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