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Creating a sea of red in Boulder - TICKETS ON SALE NOW


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I was planning on getting the tickets today, but with the cheap seats at $110, I'll drive over for the tailgate, if it happens, but I'm not laying out that kind of money to take my family. Back in the old days, they opened the gates after halftime, since there were plenty of seats. Ralphie will have to get his lunch money from somebody else.
I got two tickets this morning through STUBHUB. $195 each and around $94 "processing fee" . Total $484 for two...but I dont have to donate to Ralphie's GoFundMe account !


Deeds boys will be there. Got a couple of decent tix for only an arm and a leg. Hope Smoker finds a place to tailgate.


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The final piece is in place. Got 4 game tickets yesterday from the CU website. $205 each, including handling fee. Better price than the secondary market, so we went with it.

Looking forward to sitting at the Millennium with fellow Husker fans, drinking some bourbon, enjoying some good food, and cheering a Husker victory.



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I have friends who can get tickets from Pepsi for their suite or whatever they have. They are looking into it. Might happen- might not. My friend is Phillip Lindsay's brother btw. (Former CU and current Bronco RB)