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Creating a sea of red in Boulder - TICKETS ON SALE NOW


Just another unsuspecting mammal
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Got mine last Thursday by saying I was an alumnus, They confirmed it and then sold them to me. I was a little surprised they did because I don't give CU money or have season tickets. Paid $175 apiece in section 103, 10 yard line next to Husker section. Never hurts to ask I guess.


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I was able to purchase 4 tickets this morning through the "Ralphie Pre-Sale". If you go online and donate $200.00 to the Ralphie program, they will give you access to pre-purchase tickets today before they go on sale to the general public tomorrow. They say that the $200.00 donation is reimbursed in the price of the tickets so it's a wash. Not sure who came up with this promotion but leave it to us Nebraska fans to find their loop holes. From what I could see, prices start at $110 a ticket and go up from there.


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Got tickets yesterday for me and my daughter to attend with a couple of friends. We'll be up a little ways, but it's a small enough venue that it should be ok. Section 217.

Yes @Pops, I'll be wearing red. :)


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I was planning on getting the tickets today, but with the cheap seats at $110, I'll drive over for the tailgate, if it happens, but I'm not laying out that kind of money to take my family. Back in the old days, they opened the gates after halftime, since there were plenty of seats. Ralphie will have to get his lunch money from somebody else.

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I paid $200/ticket. Max 6. My BIL, whom I had conferenced in, bought another 6, so I have a block of 12. 4x3 seats. NOT 12 abreast.

Mostly just singles left. Id suggest anyone who wants them to purchase as many singles as you need, then purchase Rooftop Terrace seating (addl $25). Then you could be with your group.
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