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Crazy Food ideas

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This is what a hard-boiled penguin egg looks like



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Banana and Mayonnaise

I've never tried this, it's just disgusting... My ex wife loved this nasty concoction.... and at one point, I told her, if you fill the need to eat this, do it when I'm not around. YUCK! I suspect though, some of you goobs on here will love it.... YECK!
I would have dumped her also.


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There is a drink where you take a shot of vodka and put a little pickle juice in it. I can't remember what it is called, but I ended up pouring about 10 of them when I helped out at a graduation party. Only adults drank them


Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Already Taken
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Well, I had a brainstorm the other night, and all I can say is DAMN! DAMN, it turned out awesome. I mentioned on here a bit back, how much steak prices have spiked around here and am still kind of in shock about that, but while shopping for a steak(was looking for a NY Strip) and was stunned to see a six ounce steak going for $19 bucks(*Mo(&* FUc@r). So I was just heading over to the pork, when I spied a London Broil for slightly over $4 bucks. I had to do a double take as it was a nice chunk of meat, a very nice piece of meat. I picked it up, looked at it to make sure I saw what I thought I saw, and thought to myself, "Hmm".

Long story short, I bought that $4 dollar slab of meat, and slow cooked it for slightly over an hour in my oven and then upped the heat to 375 for 45 minutes. But here's the fun part. I have marinated meats in Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Bourbon, and even cooking Sherry of course, but never had I marinated steak in Tequila. OH MY GAWD!!!! 2 ounces of Tequila, Jalapeno salt, crushed black peppercorn, dehydrated onion(turned out to be awesome soaked in the Tequila) and garlic salt(I didn't have fresh garlic cloves on hand-I will next time). I marinated the London Broil for about 4 1/2 hours and the final results were FANTASTIC!!! My plan is now to marinate a Broil for at least 8 hours in Tequila, with a Jalapeno' salt, and the aforementioned spices, and slow cook that mother for about 2 hours, then blast it at close to 500 for 15 minutes, maybe 20. Also, I had Baby Bella's and Serrano peppers.... JUST FREAKING YUMMM~~~~ sadly, no pics, however, only one portion of a cow was harmed in the cooking process of this scenario. That dumb asss tasty food supply.
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