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Crazy Food ideas

One I have posted before, Grilled Cheese wrapped in bacon:



One of my favorite crazy food inventions is a crazy version of French Toast that is like a French Toast Grilled Cheese with Cream Cheese:

You need some Bailey's and go to a local bagel shop or Panera and get some crazy flavored cream cheese like Honey Walnut or other.

Put the Bailey's instead of milk in with the eggs
Soak 2 slices of bread in the Baileys - egg mixture
Cook them just like you would regular French toast
When one side is done, flip and cook on the other side until almost done
At that point spread a good layer of cream cheese on one piece and then put the other on top like a grilled cheese and serve.
Doughnut burger, make a burger with an egg and bacon and used a Glazed Doughnut in place of the bun...

Also a Funnel Cake burger:
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3. Avocado & Chocolate

Balim Tezel
The power of chocolate is evident in this combo as the potentially disturbing flavor of avocado is hidden by the complex flavor of cocoa. Instead, the avocado adds a silken texture that brings a new level of richness to dishes like this vegan chocolate mousse.

Banana and Mayonnaise

How does it taste: Absolutely terrible. Texture-wise it’s a slimy, gooey mess, and there are no complementary flavors. You bite into it and all you get is a strong hit of salty mayo followed by the faint echo of banana practically an eternity later. You’d think the sweet banana would be some relief from the bitter mayo, but instead it’s just reminder that other, better foods exist, and that you could be eating those instead of this garbage.
Would I eat it again: Not if you paid me. I would have happily licked a subway seat if it meant getting the taste out of my mouth.
I've never tried this, it's just disgusting... My ex wife loved this nasty concoction.... and at one point, I told her, if you fill the need to eat this, do it when I'm not around. YUCK! I suspect though, some of you goobs on here will love it.... YECK!
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