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Coyote Hunting

They are a cool animal. I love to watch them in the wild. They are quiet, can run like the wind and at night where I live starting this time of year when one litter of pups start howling at night, the others join in and I hear it from 360 degrees. Beautiful. I get that hunting them is necessary for the farmers but I couldn't do it.
I am a runner and I usually run in the evening, sometimes kind of late. I live in the city but there are still coyotes around. I occasionally will see one, and I always try to chase it so it doesn't get comfortable around humans. Of course I have no chance of catching it; I just want to try and scare it. And I carry pepper spray just in case. ;)

I've seen many coyotes kill just to kill. They kill and then leave. No problem putting the sights on them.


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