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Corn Crazed with Zach Smith (WR Coach under Urban Meyer)

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No Urban, no Fickle. Their wives will not let it happen. Also, Urban won’t take a job that isn’t ready to immediately flip. Can’t take a chance on failing. doesnt like O’Brien at all. High on Matt Campbell and Dave Aranda. Leipold would be a home run hire as well.

Worth the listen.
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Patrick McLaughlin

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Matt Campbell is a good one, Aranda is another. Thinks he won't leave Baylor. BOB is crap to him. Outside of that is very unknown. Thinks a chance to get Aranda is possible due to Big 12 future. Big 10 west is awful. So this feels Aranda vs. Campbell due to stability of Big10 and the the west being bad.


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Interesting video with Zach today, with interesting insight into the program, Frost, and possible candidates including Urban, Fickle, Aranda…etc.

Well worth the watch imo



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Visit the Sports Illustrated Husker site


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