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Copeland is out for the year - college career done


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Really a shame for Copeland. I hope he recovers quickly and fully.

As for the team, they are in even bigger trouble now. We had no depth before the injury. Hard to imagine this ship getting turned around without Copeland.


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I feel so badly for Cope. He seems like a great guy and I felt like he was the guy that could be the glue for this team.

This probably also effectively puts a fork in the Tim Miles era.
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He’s the guy I feel is the best overall player on the team. He was far more consistent than anyone else, never got too high or low.

The only thing that can be done is slide Borchardt into the 5, and Roby back to his more natural 4. This will be a very important time for Roby, as he will need to fill at least part of the offensive void we’ll feel losing Copeland.

It’s gut check time for the Big Red.