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Ed Force One
5 Year Member
on my phone i cleared history, cache, restarted, logged out, logged back in, the pop ups wont stop. im on my lap top to type this which i dont have the problems, I very seldom use my lap top. i give up


REDo posts matter!!!
10 Year Member

I hope you're joking.

This is the ONLY site that has this problem. Something's not right with the advertising companies you're using. Blame them, not your customers.
The ads on this site are on steroids and so are the malware attacks.

My internet speed allows me to have multiple tabs open at once and this sites tab is the only one that has issues with it.

Powder Creek

5 Year Member
This pop-up problem has made HuskerMax forums completely unusable on my iPhone. Clearing Safari history & data doesn't help, & turning off Java Scripts makes forums pretty hard to use. Guess it's time for summer vacation from HuskerMax.