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Congrats to Jim Thome


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I totally agree with what both of you have said! I was gonna start my own thread, but you have done well, Thome is very underrated, and maybe in the whole grand scheme thing of things in todays society, thats good! First ballot in my mind!


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Congrats to Jim Thome. He's a real class act. I take back all those mean things I said about him when he struck out a million times while wearing a White Sox uniform.


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not many anywhere in sports with as much class as thome!

heck, he's largely responsible for the phillies winning ways the past several years....

first, he brought back the fans when he was playing for philadelphia during the first half of last decade... and he produced. then thome was responsible for bringing charlie manuel aboard as manager -- it was at thome's recommendation -- and ol' charlie has become a real winner in philly (even if he sounds like an idiot when he talks :D ). if you listed to thome, he thanked charlie more than any one person for his accomplishments -- back from the days when they were in cleveland together (charlie was first his batting coach, then the manager there). players simply love playing for charlie manuel. thome also served as the bridge at first base in philadelphia until ryan howard was ready.


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saw this on Grantland, but would it be so bad to let Hank Aaron come back and play for the Orioles or Astros...give him 9 ab's let him bunt and then no one goes after the ball each time then ...boom...he passes *Bonds and holds the true home Run record again..Aaron is universally beloved and Bonds is universally despised...make this happen