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Colorado Week Practice Thread: 8 Sept : Morning Practice; Depart For Colorado

I just don't get questioning the play at the end of the half. Of course you take a shot, and if it doesn't work, you kick the field goal. You can't not take a shot because your quarterback may throw an interception. Minnesota had time to run a play and take a knee after the interception, so, we would have had time to try a field goal.
In reality, since we had a timeout remaining there might have been time for two shots.

Very true but I dont think the fan base melted down because we lost. 90% of us thought Nebraska would keep it close and lose. We didn't expect the game to be handed to Minnesota on a silver platter through extremely questionable coaching decisions. The coaches deserve to be scrutinized for that but as fans we need to give them the time to make corrections afterwards. For me pay dirt is how Rhule and co handle the pressure cooker in Boulder.
Like getting to know their brand new team and how they respond under fire for both sides first time