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Colorado - Nebraska single game tickets now available to public

I want to beat the buffs more than any team on the schedule.Iowa is not far behind.GBR.
That sounds like a great topic for a new thread. Coming soon to a discussion board near you....

Edit: Here it is....

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So they want 350 to 450 for nosebleed seats? Good luck with that... :Lol:
Considering that's all that's left to purchase on the website -- and even those are listed as low in availability -- they'll likely get that $450 -- as they've apparently sold many already at that price or even higher.
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Just go with a bag of cheetos or maybe a bag of oreo's you might have tickets coming at you from all directions.
Yeah, and I wouldn't worry about name-brand Cheetos. Any sized bag, even an open one, of the store brand will do...