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Colorado Hires a New FB Coach


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... maybe the AD should start considering why so many withdrew their names. Clearly not a desirable place to coach.
There are reasons why you don't hire football coaches in February ... a month away from spring ball! D'Antonio doing what he did not only hurt MSU but really screwed over CU.

Desire-ability is not the main issue ... timing is THE main issue this time around. I would have gone for Bienemy but barring that probably would have done the "interim" route with Chiaverini.


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It feels and looks like a desperation hire
I guess my question is who are they going to get to coach their football team in the middle of February.

Your going to get
a. An assistant that was already with the team being promoted.
b. A HC that is out of work because he was fired ala Bill Callahan
c. An assistant from some other school or NFL team that has ties to the school. Eric Biennamy
d. A coach with a questionable background. Steve Sarkisian interviewed for the job.