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Coaching Staff Changes & Tracker

Being an energetic recruiter doesn't matter if you can't coach them up when they get here. There was chatter about Knighton not having much coaching experience when he was hired, but he's in his mid to late 30's and played multiple years in the NFL. McGuire is 24 and was a backup qb in college with limited coaching experience as an coaching/offensive assistant for 2 years with the Panthers.

I'm not saying he's a bad hire nor am I saying he won't be successful, but it sure is a head scratching hire that leaves a lot of boxes unchecked.
Honestly it leaves every box unchecked except "warm body". Nothing we can do obviously, but damn I was really hoping for a MJ like person instead.

Riley brought all his buddies along; we know how it worked out. Frost brought all his buddies along; we know how it worked out. I thought the entire reason for allotting so much for assistants was so that the new coach could hire the best ones out there? Instead he's doing exactly what the last two failures did. I sure hope it all works out, but I'm not so optimistic.
Is that you frostie.

I wasn't implying the young wr coach was chosen over the previous but can see how it was perceived that way. I was more stating that we had one of the best and instead of replacing him with someone of equal merit we chose an unknown with almost no experience.
Come on...really

The only thing clear to me is whoever the coach hires and whatever action he takes or doesn’t take, there will be a segment of this board that will criticize it. The coach was hired to make decisions. He can’t be expected to please everyone on this board with those decisions.

Ultimately, it’s wins that matter. So I’m going to see how this turns out rather than try to nitpick the staff before a single practice has occurred.
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This staff has coaches that coached multiple positions in the past. I believe this guy will have help in his position from other coaches on staff. Plus analysts galore

At some point, just accept that this is how it’s done for every coach not named Nick Saban. It’s an insular business. Most hires are going to be in-network.

And just like it’s hard to pry away experienced P5 head coaches, seasoned assistants winning hardware don‘t move around much either. They stay in successful situations until they get a clear promotion.

It‘s only in cases where they are promoted to their level of incompetence that they fail and become attainable. Recall that Bob Diaco was the “best available.”


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