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Coaching in the State Finals this Saturday at Ford Field!


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Result of the game yesterday was not what we had hoped for. We lost to a terrific Davison team, very good athletes and very well coached; more importantly they were a good bunch of kids and coaches. Hats off to them. We played catch up all game and never really got it going.

We are obviously very proud of our kids, they fought hard and actually were in position at the end of the game to convert a 2 pt conversion and recover an onside kick to tie it up, but it wasn't in the cards for us.

Getting there is half the battle, congrats on a good season.


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Thanks MCR, let me know if you want to come out to a game next year. I'd love to meet another MI based Cornhusker fan and I'll get you on the sideline if you'd like!
Would love to but I am normally working on Friday nights myself! I will let your know! Appreciate the offer! Might head down Saturday to see the Chips at the MAC Championship.