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Coaching... Coaching... Coaching...


It seems like coaching is happening and changes are being made within the game at Iowa. After half time and they put Farniok at Center, but did Jurgens have anymore bad snaps? It looked to me like they spent some time and corrected his issue.


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i'd ask Bob Stoops to consult with him if I was Scott. He worked with Bill Snyder and Hayden Fry and is a Hall of Fame coach as well...


SF'S coaching expertise is an artifact of our dominance of the BIG8. That train left the station a long time ago! The Big8 offenses were largely, "3 yards and a cloud of smoke!" That philosophy doesn't work in the BIG. WHY we can't recruit 400 lb behemoths like IA, OSU. Most of Wiscy's players are from "the north," or from WI. Not so with NE. Our run game is largely non-existent, save Wan'dale, and our passing game is horrible--both qb's don't throw the mid-long ball downfield. The issues with the Center is downright demoralizing. I wish we could blame the bad snaps by the "coach clapper" on IA's sidelines. But, how about the other games when the center made several bad snaps, as well. WI and IA's db's, whose last names begin with, "Van..." are something else. They are great players who are game changers--to their credit, their clutch plays are a real homage to their Dutch ancestors.


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Frost needs to re-evaluate everything from top to bottom- coaches performance, schemes, how they practice, when they practice, S&C, everything.
Not saying change everything, but everything should be looked at with an open mind.
I agree 100% but will coach Frost do this or will he just stay the course and claim its part of the process