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Coaches Pay Cuts? Maybe?

Husker In Oklahoma

All Big 10
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I think it’s sad some of these coaches are continuing to take all their money. And some of the cuts are like a regular person spending $5. To each their own I reckon.

Elwood von Kiowa

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Sad that they can give up a week's salary and not even miss it -- and that week's salary is what I make in a year.

On the other hand, I certainly don't want senators getting involved. Hello pot, meet kettle.


Nobody important
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Id be curious as to how many posters on here have taken voluntary pay cuts from their employer.
That is a fair question. My thoughts are he could take a pay cut from his University (tax payer) funded part of his salary. The other parts that come from wherever that is up to him. More than anything it is optics.


Scout Team
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The money that is spent on football coaches really bothers some of you guys.

To me it is just how things work nowadays.

Nebraska got spoiled badly for 25 years. They had a coach that really didn’t give crap about money. Most coaches or people for that matter aren’t like that.

Short of taking no salary this year it is all just a gesture.
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