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Coach Solich to be honored at Spring Game

We can only hope... haha


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If Steve Pederson...

Biggest mistake in the history of Nebraska football

Until we hired Shawn Eichorst which set off the firing of Pelini and subsequently led to Riley, and then Moos+Frost.

IMO, Pederson's error with Solich was about to be corrected with Pelini, or possibly a different Pelini successor, but Eichorst flushed us down a second toilet with Riley.

I realize Bo had ugly, lopsided Big Ten losses, but I think he would have found his footing, or at least a competent AD would have hired someone like Rhule (post Baylor, no NFL?), Fickell or Ryan Day.
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I think it's good and the right thing to do to honor Solich.

I also think Solich wasn't the right guy and things were going downhill . . . the problem was having the wrong ADs and hiring the wrong coaches afterwards. Maybe we have the right ones now? Time will tell.


You would be dead wrong. I don’t think two decades has changed the minds of his most ardent detractors.

You'll always have folks say 'He was handed the keys to a Ferrari and screwed it up' without looking at the overall picture of college football and how that was changing and would have effected even the great TO.

Solich deserves to be welcomed back and treated with respect, IMO.

We can say that, do that, and still agree that we were trending down under his watch and that he'd have been gone at some point. I still say we'd have avoided Callahan, Riley or Frost type of 'Down' under Frank, but would have likely seen our peak with him in 2001.

Glad he'll get this moment.


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