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Coach Frost is a frustrated football coach right now


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I never expected Washington to last past September, but he made it into October. A difference maker, but conduct not want Coach is looking for. 10 days after the whipping on the tundra, he seems defensive instead of offensive. What's going on here?



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Monday Presser: Sounds like Vedral will probably start.
On Adrian Martinez's recovery
"Adrian has been working hard to get back, and he's doing really well, working hard. It helps to have a bye week. It helps to have fall break here where he can spend a little more time rehabbing, so he's going to do whatever he can to get back."

On whether he is optimistic about Martinez's return this week
"Hard to say."
On Noah Vedral's week of practice
"I thought, all things considered, Noah played pretty well at Minnesota. A couple mistakes and one or two plays here and there, but it's hard to find a quarterback who plays a perfect game. I thought he came in and did a really good job. Guys did good things around him, just not often enough, not consistent enough, and we feel really good about Noah and where he is and his ability to run our offense."